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Learn Kannada Through English
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How to Join?
01. You can scan above QR Code to join Learn Kannada Whatsapp Group.
02. Click on the QR Code and open the link in your mobile.
03. Leave your number in comment box below.

Why Whatsapp Group?
01. You can quickly clarify your doubts about any kannada words and sentences.
02. While others are communicating in group you can learn new words and usages.

Special Instructions
01. Any kind of forward messages/ videos/ images which are not related to learning Kannada will lead to removal from the group.
02. If any of the group members report about any wrongdoings you will be removed.
03. Any messages which discourages group members, will be viewed seriously.
04. Learn Kannada (Hindi) group is only for Kannada learning through Hindi. Do not post any English messages there.

Any Problem?
01. When the group size reaches 256 you can not join the group until someones exits from the group. In that case you should wait untill someone leaves.

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