Success stories

Please mail your success stories in learning kannada to us at superstarrk1989[at] so that we can publish it here.

Sumith, Bangalore.

"Hi friends, I am sumith. my native place is bihar. I have come hear for working and i am working in kempegowda international airport as CCA in shoppersstop. When i came here at the beginning i faced many problems while conversing with house owner, coleagues at work, almost everything as i was not knowing local language kannada. later one of my friend suggested me to search the web and learn kannada, you wont miss anything, you can learn easily....etc. So after searching many times , many websites finally i found this website(WWW.LEARNKANNADA.IN) very usefull which covers almost every content in learning kannada language which also includes tips or other ways to learn kannada. I took admin's number and improved my kannada by chatting to him on whatsapp(9535097540). I am very thankfull to and Rathish kumar, administrator of learnkannada who helped me on phone."

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