Learn Kannada Through Whatsapp

Now You Can Learn Kannada Language With The Help of Whatsapp Group.
Learn Kannada Through Whatsapp

How To Join?
-Pay the joining fee on Paytm
-Whatsapp me with the same number and send your payment reference number.
-You will get added to whatsapp group within 24 hours.

How To Pay Using PayTM?
- Send the money using payTM wallet to mobile number 9535097540.

Why charging for it? Why not free?
-Many people are requesting to add to whatsapp group, so to sort them we started charging for kannada teaching.
-To raise fund for kannada development activities.
-To pay remuneration to professional kannada teachers we are hiring.

What we can expect to learn by joining the whatsapp group?
-Daily 1 hour of active interaction with kannada teachers.
-Daily one word meaning, it will add to your vocabulary database.
-Study material designed for whatsapp.

What are the charges?
-100 Rupees per month 

*Terms & Conditions
-Learnkannada.in retains all rights regarding this programme.

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