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We are a small group of kannada activists working 24 hours a day for the betterment of kannada existence. This site is also an part of "Kannada kalisi Kannada belesi" campaign organised by Kanteerava kannada balaga . We are working hard to teach the Non kannada people to learn and speak in Kannada. At many places we have distributed free kannada learning books and had organised kannada learning classes. "Kannada kalisi Kannada belesi" campaign is a much necessary at the current situation where outsiders are settling in Bangalore in large numbers.We require some words of encouragement to contenue and getting progressed in the "Kannada kalisi Kannada belesi" campaign by sharing our website to your friends who are interested in to learn kannada.

Our main objectives is to help outsiders who live in karnataka and people who are passionate about learning a new language by helping them to learn kannada.

You can become a volunteer to teach kannada for non kannadiga's. If you are interested to teach kannada whatsapp me on 9535097540.

Help our cause by spreding the word about our website by sharing our articles on facebook, twitter,whatsapp and other social medias to your friends.

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  1. Thanks so much for this site! It's SO HARD to find Kannada grammar information or books. I live in the US and can't find anything but this online. It would be nice if there were less pop-ups, though. :)


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