Your Introduction in Kannada -Usage of "I"(Naanu)

Your Introduction in Kannada -Usage of "I"(Naanu)
You will learn first person pronoun in Kannada. This lesson will help you to tell your name and basic information about you in Kannada.

The first person pronoun in English is “I” as in ” I am _______”.  Kannada equivalent for English “I” is “ನಾನು (Naanu)”.
“am” is a  be verb. Together ” I am” translates to ” “Naanu ____” in Kannada.

Kannada English
Naanu Peter I am Peter
Naanu Spiderman I am the Spiderman
Naanu Photographer I am a photographer.
Naanu americadhavanu I am American.
Naanu Huccha I am mad.

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Now can you all say your name in comments section? 

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