Telling who you are in Kannada - Usage of You (Neenu/Neevu)

You will learn second person pronouns in Kannada. You will learn to say sentences like

Telling who you are in Kannada - Usage of You (Neenu/Neevu)
You are beautiful”  or
You are my love” in Kannada.

There are 2 equivalents for English “you” in Kannada

Neenu“-is used when you are talking to someone who is either younger than you or very close to you in a relationship. Your friends, wives,younger sisters,brothers fall into this category. It is advisable not to use this pronoun while talking to a stranger or a person who is elder than you.

Neenu” –  Use it freely in all the informal conversations.
Neevu”- is used in formal conversations,more often while talking with elders or strangers. and also used as plural form of Neenu

Quick Tip: To be on safe side, use “Neevu” in all  situations since it’ll work in all the cases.

First Person Singular
Naanu Raama
I am Raama
Second Person (informal)
Neenu Raama
You are Raama
Second Person (formal)
Neevu Raama
You are Raama

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