Kannada slang words or Kanglish words

You may read something in the books and learn to speak. But sometimes you will be heard of some kannada words which you don't know. These words won't be used in print media or Descent people. The below given words are mainly used in urban areas of bangalore with kannada language and mainly by youth.

Aa? : Universal question tag. (is it? are they? was she? shall we? etc.) Often mistaken by non - south indians as mispronunciation. When an auto driver asks you "Leftaa?" he means "Left, is it?" Variation: "na?" used when the last sound in the question is a vowel. "Koramangala na?"

Adjushtu: adjust. Most important word that originates from the accomodative nature of all Bangaloreans.

 "Swalpa adjusht maadkoli sir(Do some adjustment sir)."
'adjust madkoli' means to ask someone to maintain within what you/they have.

Adu bere : That also. (That was all I needed). "Adu bere kedu"

'adu bere' used in kidding manner where someone is not liable for something and will be trying to get it , at that this word will be used

Bekitha : Was this required? A sort of "I told you so". "Boss, idu bekitha, modle helidde....(Boss, was it required for you, i told you before itself...)"

Bombat :Awesone, Fantastic, excellent. "Aye hows your car doing?" "Oh bombattagide kanla.(ohh, its doing excellent)"

Boss : Term of address. Used to all friends, auto drivers, waiters, conductors etc. Should not be used much aside from among friends. "Boss, one gobi manchuri kodi." Dont use it for people above 40 years and womens. it may be assumed as disrespect to them.

Byawarsi : heirless. Useless, vagabond, ne'er do well. "Aye thoo byawarsi, sumne iro" Mainly used to blame enimys when fighting among village ladies.

Chindhi : Actually means torn piece or small pieces of cloth or paper. but in slang used as Fantastic, fabulous or to appraise some work.

"ivattu, dance competitionnalli nim maga chindi udayisda(today in dance competition your son did fantastic)"

Chithranna : Actually means lemon flavoured yellow colour rice.Slang meanings: (1) Fantastic job (2)Broken to bits (3) Badly botched job. "Sariyag madthini anth helbittu full chitranna maad haakidaane nodri.(He agreed to do it perfectly, but now he has done chitranna)"

Da : Term of address for friends, inferiors or younger people (borrowed from tamil). Rude when used in a non affectionate sense or with strangers. Fem: di. "What da, where y'all went yesterday?" Ra, Lo are the other replacements of this in kannada

Deal : it can be used for 'to steal something' in underworld term 'to kill' and normally can be used for actual finacial deals in the market

Escape : General departure(to run away). "Naan oota maadbit escape aagthino, don't mind aitha?"

Goobe : Owl. Stupid person. "Lei goobe, yaar ninge license kottiddu?(he gube, who issued license for you?)" Used to persons who lack general knowledge.

Gumpal Govinda : Govind in the group. To blend into the crowd. "I have gone gumpal govinda to see movie"

Guru : Actually means 'teacher'. Also used jokingly to call a friend. "Yen guru, aaraam aa?"

Gubbal : Dumbass "Gubbaal tara adbeda.(Dont behave like a gubbaal)"

Hawa :Actually means Air. In slang used 'To scare someone' or 'to have inflence' . "Ee areadhalli nanna hawa nadiyutte(My inflence work in this area)"

Hengythe myge? : How does your body feel now? i.e, Im going to beat you black and blue. "Yendande? Dhuddilvaa? Yengythe myge?"

Hinde inda Urvashi, munde inda Bevarsi : Looks like the celestial nymph Urvashi from the back but a vagabond from the front.

Jai :(without any tension) With enthusiasm. "Naan jai antha hog koothkonde alli". "I went off to college jai antha"

Kachko : Get stuck. "Sorry maga naan traffic nal kachkondiddene"

Kanjipinji : Meretricious object/activity. "Why you're making so much fuss for one kanjipinji job boss"

Kui : To lie, to bore. "Kui beda maga."

Loafer : Vagabond, flibbertygibbet. "Thoo loafer, get out I say."

Macha(tam) : Lit: Brother in law. Used commonly among friends, though not in polite society. "What da machaaa, not coming uh?"

Maga : son/ Dude. "yeno magaa, yellidde isht divsaa?"

Mane haaLu :  Ruiner of a household. Use to describe expensive things, and people who don’t act in your good interests. "Mane haaL maadbeda", "Aiyo mane haaLa, ningen bantho roga"

Meetru : Actually means to (autorickshaw) Meter but used in place of dareness. Gumption/cheek. "Yeno, eshto ning meetru?

Naayi Paadu : Dog's work. "Nanage yaake ee naayi paadu?"

Nan maga : My son (ie son of). Usually used in conjunction with some other word. "Thoo, waste nan maga he is". Not a polite phrase at all. Has complicated undertones. Use only among close friends.

Nimmajji : Your grandmother. Another phrase that has hidden meanings. Do not use in polite society.

Off : Transliteration from the kannada "bidu" : "I came off quickly" (Naan bega band bitte). "I sat off there only." (Naan alle koothkond bitte)

Oh what a. : General exclamation. "You won lottery aa? Oh what a!"

Ooshtu : Prob from the english Oust. Exhausted. "4 ghante basket baal aadbit full ooshtaagbitte."

Figarru : Figure. (girl) "Machaa, aa piagar nodo!(Dude look at that girl)"

Pitilu : actually means to Fiddle (violin). Braggart. "Avan bidu. Bejaan pitil aadthirthaane."

Raiyya: From the English "Right" (used by bus conductors after passengers have got off or on at a bus stop). To leave/depart. "Boss picture mugdid takshna naan mane tava raiyya."

Scopu : Yap/boast "Lei, sum sumne scope thagobeda" Normally used when showing off their high status in anything)

Sisyaa : Student. Patronizing term of address to a friend. "Sisya, ba illi, koothko." (Sisya, come here and sit)

Suryanige torchaa? : Are you shining a torch to the sun? "Boss are you teaching him kannada badwords? Suryange torchaa?" mainly used when you will be doing something to a person who is expert in the same thing.

Hoge : smoke. Actual: failure. 'Ayyo..nenne taane project work agtittu.. ivattu nodidre hoge'(Yeasterday my project was working, but today it failed)

Dicchi- to hit to others head with your head

Punch- hitting to face by hand

Ganchali- To show off(Nakara also will be used)

Bejaan- A lot 

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