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Nothing to worry, We are here to help you......

Your question may be ,
"How to Learn kannada?"
"How to Learn spoken kannada online?"
"How to Learn kannada in 30 days?"
"How to learn fluent kannada?"
"How to say Thanks/ok/Hello in kannada"?
And we are here to help you with your every single question,

We are glad to see you here with a greed to learn kannada language online, and we guarantee you that you will learn fluent spoken kannada within few days with our fully explained lessons and personalised support. Learning a new language like kannada language gets you more opportunities in bangalore (karnataka) and makes you feel comfortable in kannada speaking locations so for you no need to feel as a foriegner, by taking help of learnkannada.in become a local kannadiga and speak fluent kannada. dont pay a penny to learn a language like kannada which is very easy, dont waste money on things like "learn kannada in 30 days", paid ebooks, costly online courses etc. just follow the lessons here and you will get the language in few days. Keep supporting us by sharing our website to your non kannadiga friends and following us on facebook ,twitter
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We are always updated with Basic kannada words and sentences with their meanings and full grammar support.
Now you wont find any difficulties in Understanding,,,
Kannada barutthaa??(You know kannada??) 
Uta aytha??(Had your food??)
En madthiddhira??(What are you doing??)
Who are you??(Ninu Yaru??) 

As of now we are not providing any Free ebooks, Free pdf files or Free podcasts and Videos for our learners, but we are planning it to make available all the said things free of cost as soon as possible.

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