Relationships in Kannada language

Here I'll be providing you the meanings of different relationships and family members.

Family- kutumba

Father- appa

Mother- amma
Grand father- thaatha (Father's father or Mother's father)

Grand mother- ajji (Father's mother or Mother's mother)

Son- maga
Daughter- magalu
Elder brother- anna

Younger brother- thamma

Elder sister- akka

Younger sister- thangi

Husband- ganda

Wife- hendathi

Father in law- mava (spouse's father/mother's brothers/husbands of sisters, Mother's brothers will also be called as sodhara mava)

Mother in law- athhe(spouse's mother/ father's sisters)

Son in law- aliya

Daughter in law- sose

Aunt- chikkamma(Mother's younger sister)/dhoddamma(Mother's elder sister)

Uncle- chikkappa(Father's younger brother)/Doddappa(father's elder brother)

Brother's wife- atthige

Maidhuna- wife's brother or husband's brother







Servant- sevaka

In kannada there is no word which exactly means cousin, anna can be used to elder cousin and thamma will be used to younger cousin.

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